Phang Legal participates in Planet Ark National Recycling Week – Friday File Filing

Doing our part for the environment

On 12 November 2010 and as part of an ongoing focus on the environment and sustainability, Phang Legal took part in the Planet Ark National Recycling Week – Friday File Filing by shredding and recycling a large number of old files and office documents. The Friday File Fling encouraged businesses to re-use or recycle unused paper around the office.

“As a law firm, we determined that the majority of documentation that we keep and had kept over the years is confidential in nature. Accordingly, we shredded the paper with a view to recycling”, commented Ern Phang, solicitor director of Phang Legal.

“Resources are always limited, there’s no such thing as unlimited resources. Challenging ourselves on a daily basis to find efficiencies in our practice and processes, whatever they may be, is an important part of moving towards being more environmentally responsible and sustainable. Even though be truly ‘green’ by the strictest of definitions may not be possible, I think the process of improvement is just as important as the end goal.”
Planet Ark National Recycling Week

“I believe in standing up for what is right and what is important to me and to the local community – and with the environment, it affects everyone, not just the local community. The environment is an individual responsibility on a global scale. This is why I believe Phang Legal needs to be and can be a role model to others. Encouraging others and working with others is the only way to realise the potential of a good idea or good initiative, and what may have seemed impossible to achieve myself or with my team becomes not just a possibility, but also a reality.”