Discount Conveyancing Fees in 2010

In 2009, we reduced our fixed conveyancing fees to coincide with changes to the government’s First Home Benefits. Our revised pricing policy received such positive response from our clients and their referrals that we have decided to continue pricing promotions on our conveyancing services in 2010.

For a limited time only, we will continue offering discount conveyancing fees for clients looking to purchase property in New South Wales. This pricing promotion now applies to all clients, including First Home Buyers. While the current special is not the same as past offers, it still represents a substantially discounted rate for our conveyancing fees.

Historically, we have intentionally avoided offering conveyancing services on the lower-end of the price competitive market. Licensed conveyancers and volume conveyancing solicitors generally dominate this segment of the conveyancing services market. Unfortunately, clients rarely realise the real cost of discounted conveyancing services. Their initial impression may be that they ‘pay less’ because of the conveyancing fees are low or lower, but this is not always true.

The practical consequence of low conveyancing fees aimed at attracting volume conveyancing work is that there is
less time and attention devoted to each individual client. Time is a limited resource and the licensed conveyancer or volume conveyancing solicitor enjoying the benefits of increased turnover potentially does so at the expense of service devoted each individual client.

Despite offering discounts on our conveyancing fees, our solicitors have been directed to continue providing the same level of time and attention to each and every client. Ultimately, the core value of our practice is to provide value to our clients irrespective of the price that they may pay for our services. We continue to challenge Common Law of Business Balance by exploring ways to offer better service at a lower price. We will always pride ourselves on the level of service and attention to our clients.

Licensed conveyancers and volume conveyancing solicitors will always service a certain segment of the conveyancing services market, however after trialling variations to our pricing policy, it is clear that this is a segment of the market best left to licensed conveyancers and volume conveyancing solicitors. For us, the focus is providing ‘more time for less clients’.