Ern Phang featured in Law Society Journal

Solicitor director of Phang Legal, Ern Phang was recently featured in an article published in the March 2010 edition of the Law Society Journal (volume 48 number 2) titled “Staying ahead of the game with online social networking” by Amruta Slee.
A copy of the article featuring Ern Phang has been reproduced on the Phang Legal website with the permission of the Law Society Journal and Amruta Slee.

“Combing different forms of online marketing from advertising through Google Adwords, employing SEO techniques or frequent blogging on various sites, plus maintaining an online presence through social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, is an integral part of our overall business development strategy.

We ensure that our online presence is consistent with our legal practice – professional and focused on people and the community. Our focus on people is the key. Even at the heart of government departments, big business and corporations, or communities, you will find people. People working together, but people and individuals nonetheless. Each person with their own unique lives, their own hopes and dreams, their own problems and issues. Into that mix then throw the professional legal adviser or law firm and sometimes you will find that people just need someone they can trust, someone they can rely on for sound advice and representation, someone who will give them confidence as well as peace of mind. A personal relationship. We are very fortunate to have people who have found us through our online presence and because of that continue to use and rely on our services.

It might seem a contradiction in terms, but our online presence helps us maintain personal relationships with our clients and the community at large. An online presence has the ability to connect all of us individually in many different ways (sometimes in ways that would normally be considered inappropriate in a physical setting) and connect us with the people who want or need to connect with us. While it may seem distant, in fact it maintains and can possibly sustain strong personal relationships.

Aside from the enquiries and subsequent business that it attracts, the fact that we were interviewed for this article is some proof that there are returns on the investment for our online marketing.”

About Ern Phang

Ern Phang is the solicitor director of Parramatta law firm, Phang Legal. Ern practises in the areas of property and commercial transactions, corporate compliance, and is an experienced company director and company secretary. Ern has extensive experience in civil litigation (ie, commercial and insurance claims, debt recovery and general disputes) and various forms of dispute resolution. Ern is also a notary public.

Ern has and continues to act for a variety of business (domestic and international), government departments and the military, and not-for-profit community/religious organisations – as well as individuals and their families. Ern is passionate about the local community, and enjoys being in local business involved with and supporting local organisations and local people.

Ern’s dedication to his clients and community service continues to drive Phang Legal from strength to strength.