Conveyancing Tips – What are my Cooling Off rights?

Conveyancing Parramatta – Getting out of the contract during the cooling off period

Are you shopping for a new home or residential investment property? If you buy residential property in New South Wales, you will be generally covered by a cooling off period, which starts on the date of exchange and expires at 5pm on the 5th business day after exchange.

Even if you have signed a Contract for Sale of Land and paid a deposit, you are still able to get out of the contract during the cooling off period. Getting out of the contract during the cooling off period means you will forfeit 0.25% of the purchase price, but that is better than losing your whole deposit or breaking the contract and potentially being liable for other penalties.

If the statutory cooling off period of 5 business days is not long enough, you may be able to extend it – but you should seek professional advice and guidance from your lawyer or conveyancer.

When does a cooling off period NOT apply?

A cooling off period does not apply to all property transactions. The cooling off period does not apply if

  • You buy non-residential property (ie, offices, shops, industrial property etc)
  • You buy at an auction or on the same day as the auction
  • Your lawyer or conveyancer provides the vendor with a certificate indicating that you have waived your cooling off rights.

In a further posts, we will address some other frequently asked questions around the cooling off period – including ‘Why do I need a cooling off period?’, and ‘Can I renegotiate the Contract during a cooling off period?’. Post your other questions here.

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