Buying Property – Pest and Building Inspection Reports

As a purchaser, you must be satisfied with the property that you are purchasing. A majority of contracts for the sale of property make no promises or warranties in relation to the condition of the property, essentially turning the transaction into a “what you see is what you get” matter.

A pre-purchase pest and building inspection report is always

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recommended, especially where the property is a free-standing property that is not part of a strata property or a community property.

A pest and building inspection normally comprises of a visual inspection of the property by a qualified pest and building inspector, and usually assists you with identifying issues about the property that you as a layperson may not necessarily identify.

Among the issues that a pest and building inspection report can identify are:

  • The condition of the building
  • Any building defects
  • Matters that require rectification work
  • Estimated costs of rectification
  • The presence of pests (such as termites) in the building

If concerns are raised in the report, then, depending on the nature of those concerns, specialists may be engaged to identify or address those issues.

At the end of the day however, as previously mentioned, the buyer must be beware and must be completely satisfied before moving ahead with purchasing their dream home!