Phang Legal participates in Save Power Challenge 2010

PHANG LEGAL is currently participating in the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program from the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW (DECCW) and was recently featured in a number of articles in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Other environmentally-friendly initiatives

Phang Legal has completed the first stage of improvements and we are currently reviewing plans for further improvements.

“These initiatives are very important, and while the financial incentives of the program assist the business case, the intention is more far reaching.”

“By taking responsibility for my actions and the (environmental) consequences of those actions at both home and in the office, I hope to be an example and positive influence on the local community, our clients and other stakeholders, and especially for my family and children,” said Ern Phang, solicitor director of Phang Legal.

“Having implemented some planned improvements, it is obvious that there are savings in power consumption and improved energy efficiencies within the office and our day-to-day operations. Although these savings are fairly minimal, we are just one business – imagine if every business or every individual took responsibility for themselves and implemented the same improvements. All those minimal savings would eventually add up to be something much more substantial.”

“I guess it just starts with one, and in the absence of an alternative, I felt that it was important to show leadership through example and expect that others will follow. I have been speaking with clients and business colleagues about the program and support from the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, so I am quietly confident that there will be more interest in the Save Power Challenge.”